Have you ever tried to file your tax return online using the HMRC website?

If you have you will know that there can be a delay between registering and receiving your activation code allowing you file the return.

HMRC have decided to extend the tax return filing deadline to the 15th February provided the tax payers meets the following criteria:

The deadline extension applies to taxpayers who did the following between midnight on 21 January and midnight on 31 January 2014:

  1.  Enrolled for the Self Assessment online service, or
  2.  Requested a replacement user ID or password

However, the deadline extension only applies to those who were already registered for Self Assessment and have a unique taxpayer reference (UTR). Therefore, this does not help those who are late in notifying their liability to charge.

Since the extension only applies where the free HMRC software is used to file the 2012/13 Tax Return, partnerships and trustees cannot benefit as their is no facility to file these Returns using this software.

It is also worth remembering that the extension only applies where the usual filing deadline for the 2012/13 Tax Return would be 31 January 2014. Therefore, if the Tax Return was issued after 31 October 2013, the taxpayer has three months from the date of issue to file the Return and make the payment.

You should also note that the payment deadline remains the same (31 January 2014).

You can find more information about this on the Tolley’s Website.