The manufacturers organisation, the EEF has warned that some Yorkshire manufacturers are concerned about losing their power supply this winter.

Andy Tuscher the regional director for the North has been quoted in the Yorkshire Post as saying, “We need an energy policy that isn’t just here for three, four or five years.
It would be far more beneficial to have a clear coherent strategy on energy that would help industry and manufacturing, and help with investment.”

He also commented on how some members were concerned about a complete loss of supply. He said, “In the previous three years, members have had letters saying that potentially their supply may be turned off. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened, but yes, they are clearly worried that this may happen.”

Alison Kinna, the managing director of Outokumpu in Sheffield warns, “We need stable and competitive pricing in order to continue to locate high energy consuming production in the UK. Our competitors are not just in Europe, they are located in China and the US. How does the Government suggest we manage short-term price spikes caused by lack of gas storage?

“We have been warned that this winter capacity will be extremely tight. The burden of this will all fall on manufacturing. We run continuous operations – any outages, particularly at short notice, cause massive disruption and we cannot afford to run during price spike periods.

You can read the full article on the Yorkshire Post Website.