At Courtley West we always love to hear about our fellow Yorkshire businesses doing well.

That’s why we’re pleased to hear about the family run business near Bedale winning a new deal to supply 16 new Adsa stores across the Northern England.

The company has enjoyed strong sales since the the horse-meat scandal broke in February.

The financial director, James Knox was quoted as saying, “We’re obviously over the moon with these recent sales figures and put it down to an increasing trend of consumers looking to buy meat – and, in particular, beef – products from trusted sources since the beginning of the horsemeat scandal.

“These tremendous figures also show great confidence in our burgers and steaks, and in the brand that we’ve worked so hard to create.

“We pride ourselves on knowing exactly where our meat comes from. If meat doesn’t actually come from our own farm, then you can be sure that it will have been sourced from suppliers that we know and fully trust.“

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